March 2014 Goals

March goals

As I wrote yesterday, I’m moving on to my goals for March. I know I’m not going to work anymore on my February goals and I’m really motivated to start my March goals.

I’m changing things up a bit this month. Last month I made a list of goals from my 101 in 1001 that I wanted to focus on. It worked so well for keeping my motivated, so I want to expand the goal setting beyond 101 in 1001. I want to see if it can keep me focused on other goals as well.

101 in 1001 focus goals

#18 Do push ups every other day – reach 10

#24 Find a new system for my documents

#27 Make my bed every day for 2 weeks

#33 Buy fresh flowers

#60 Plan an emergency kit

#69 Plan out guides for Copenhagen

#71 Clean up internet bookmarks

#82 Watch 1 documentary

#91 Start running again

Other goals

Finish my About me page

Finish my school paper

Write an update for my word of the year

Finish the baby blanket

Find fabric for the floor poof

Catch up on Project Life