Grateful 500

I’m grateful for

  1. My loving parents and step parents
  2. My hearing
  3. Being born in a country where we are lucky enough to have freedom of speech
  4. The feeling of sun on my face after a period with bad weather
  5. The first snow of the season
  6. Having a job that I actually like
  7. Paying taxes, because that means that I’m always helping others
  8. Being able to get an education without having to worry about money
  9. The central heating at my apartment which warms me after a day in the snow
  10. The food I eat every day
  11. The smell of hyacinths that filled my living room at the beginning of February 2014
  12. The flattering remarks I received by ****** in week 5 of 2014
  13. Having clean water in my kitchen tab
  14. Having a place to live
  15. Co-workers who have my back
  16. Being alive
  17. Smiles that brighten a day
  18. Learning something new every day
  19. All those who live to serve their country
  20. For having a family who will always be there for me
  21. Friends who will help me find a cab when I feel sick
  22. All the spring flowers

3 thoughts on “Grateful 500

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