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It’s early, very early, I think it might be 7 am, I’m still half asleep so I’m not quite sure. Our guide is talking, talking about the history, and the importance of what we’re about to see. I’m not really listening, I’m just standing there, enjoying the silence, remembering the last time I was here. Petra is one of those places that is best when you visit the second time. It’s chilly, I’m letting the cool air caress my face, I know how hot Petra will be later. Jordan 2013 redigeret-1967

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Old City of Shanghai – City God Temple

IMG_2363-10It took quite some time to find the City God Temple, mostly because we didn’t really know what to look for. The surrounding area must be my favourite place to buy souvenirs (it’s very commercial, but has some great stuff), not because it’s cheap (if you want cheap, wait until you visit the wall, and then spend some time bargaining – they usually sell the same stuff in all the shops there, so just walk a bit further if you can’t get the price you want).

IMG_2369-14If you want some tea or some beautiful artwork, I would say this is a good place to buy it. We were told, it was a good place for jade as well, but I know some of the others bought some, which turned out to be fake, so be careful (if you have no idea how to recognise real jade, try reading this).


We spend a lot of time just walking around looking at all the shops, but if you want you can visit Yuyuan garden, a traditional Chinese garden, connected to the area.