Cleaning schedule

Cleaning ScheduleMy mom and my grandmother clean all the time, so you would think it’s in my blood. And it kind of is, but I have a hard time remembering when I did what and when it’s time to do it again, so I need a schedule, at least until it becomes more of a routine for me.

I started out by writing down all the tasks that needed to be done, as well as how often I thought I needed to do it. This list depends on the size of your house/flat, your household as well as the amount of time available.

I ended up with four tasks that needed to be done every day, dishes, taking out the trash, clearing the floors and making my bed (I’m hopeless at this one). Two tasks to do each month, clearing out and defrost the freezers and clearing out and cleaning the kitchen cupboards, while the sheets need to be changed twice a month. I set a certain date each month for these tasks to be done.

The rest of the tasks needed to be done once or more times a week. I grouped some tasks together based on practicality, like wiping surfaces of the same day as vacuuming, and only washing the floors on the same day as I had vacuumed. Most days ended up with two or three tasks other than the basic tasks while Sunday only have cleaning the microwave.

I know that to some it sound kind of weird to write down simple tasks like taking out the trash and doing the dishes, but I’m trying to make all of these tasks a routine for me, and it makes it a bit easier for me if everything is written down.

2014-02-16 15.46.19And the list of tasks in english:

  • Dishes (Every day)
  • Clear the floors (Every day)
  • Taking out the trash (Every day)
  • Make bed (Every day)
  • Wipe off surfaces in kitchen (2x week)
  • Wipe off surfaces in bath (2x week)
  • Wipe off surfaces in living room (2x week)
  • Make sure everything is in its place (3x week)
  • Clear out fridge (1x week)
  • Vacuum (2x week)
  • Washing the floors (1x week)
  • Wipe off doors (1x week)
  • Take papers and advertisements out for recycling (1x week)
  • Clean microwave (1x week)
  • Wash the bathroom tiles (1x week)
  • Clear out and clean cupboards (1x month)
  • Changing the sheets (2x month)
  • Clearing out and cleaning freezer (1x month)

Winter Bucket List Update

I’m kind of disappointed with my self about this one, because I still have so many goals to finish, and some of them I can see already now that they wont get finished.

  • Build a snowman
  • Take a walk while it’s snowing (We didn’t get proper snow in Copenhagen until the middle of January, so I don’t know whether I will be able to finish all my “snow-goals”)
  • Go Sledding
  • Feed birds out my window
  • Decorate for Christmas (Not going to happen)
  • Decorate the tree
  • Knit a blanket
  • Finish PL 2013
  • Drink hot chocolate after a walk in the snow
  • Watch the Winter Olympics
  • Make soup or porridge more often
  • Start a tradition of movienights (Starting on Wednesday)
  • Try baking in my tiny oven
  • Read three books (I’ve almost read one, so maybe this is still doable, if I actually take my time)
  • Knit a sweater (Not going to happen)
  • Blow Ice bubbles (It haven’t really been cold enough yet this year)

7 movies to choose from (February 2014)

7 movies to choose from at All These Plans Blog

My goal is to watch 50 new movies this year. I like re-watching movies, so I’m trying to force myself to watch some current movies. So I’ve decided to start a series to motivate my self each month.

I will collect a list of 7 current (fairly current, at least) movies. They may not be current in the rest of the world, but I will focus on what is current in Denmark. By the end of each month I must have watched at least 3 of the movies on the list.

So here is the list for February.

101 in 1001 #1

101 in 1001 01The idea is to come up with 101 goals to be completed in 1001 days (2.75 days).

I wanted my goals to be “measurable”, so nothing like “be better at this and that”. Most of the goals on my list are like mini challenges, so in order to not get overwhelmed I’m going to pick a few each month to work on.

My deadline is October 14th 2016.

See my complete list here.

Until the end of February I will work on the following goals:

#2 Read 1 book

#6 Contact book

#8 Get photos in albums

#16 Visit one museum

#52 Make 2 cookbook recipes

#53 Make 2 pinterest recipes

#68 Try 1 new food

#77 Do 1 random act of kindness

#87 Add 20 things to the list of 500 things I’m grateful for

#95 Cleaning routine

#99 Make a budget

Morning Routine

I posted my evening routine a month ago and I thought that you guys would like the hear about my morning routine. 

As I mentioned when I posted my evening routine, I don’t follow this every day, but when it happens I feel so much more relaxed, and ideal morning.

  • Get up first time the alarm clock rings
  • Open the door for the balcony
  • Turn on the radio
  • Pee (we all have to do it)
  • Brush teeth
  • (If I take a bath, this is the time to do it, but usually I do it at night)
  • Brush hair
  • Drink one large glass of water
  • Put on water for tea
  • Prepare breakfast
  • Make the bed
  • Turn on the computer
  • Eat breakfast and read the news
  • Check email
  • Turn of computer
  • Do the dishes
  • Find clothes
  • Brush teeth again
  • Get dressed
  • Hair
  • Makeup
  • Make sure that the bag is packed

2014 Goals and Resolutions

So at the beginning of my Filofax I have a list of goals I want to reach in the new year. I keep the list here in order to stay focused.

The goals are pretty much the same as in my 2014 Plan post.

  • Finish 12 projects
  • Preserve 12 different foods
  • Watch 50 new movies
  • Bike 3000 km
  • Walk 750 km
  • 52 new things (not including movies)
  • Bake 12 new cakes

Apart from this list of goals I also have a little “pep talk” in the front. It’s focused around one word “forward” which, so far, is my word of the year, I’m not sure it’s going to stick for the entire year, but for now it seems appropriate, I might explain why I chose that word in another blog post.

I’m not going to share the exact wording with you (it’s in Danish and it would probably take me quite a while to translate it, to give off the same meaning), but it’s basically a reminder to let go, to take advantage of all the wonderful opportunities and challenges I’m going to meet in 2014.

Evening Routine

So tonight I am going to share my evening routine, of course I don’t do this every night, some days just don’t have enough hours.

Ideally I like to start this two hours before bed, although this usually only happens on days where I’m off work, as I don’t get home from work until 9 pm.

  • Turn off the TV – I live in a studio apartment so it can be hard to separate night from evening.
  • When I have school the next day, I like to prepare my lunch.
  • Make sure all the dishes are done.
  • Brush my hair and braid it
  • Change clothes
  • Remove makeup
  • Brush my teeth
  • Skin care
  • Make some tea
  • Drink a large glass of water
  • Make the to-do list for next day
  • Make sure that my Filo matches my google calendar
  • Read for about 45 min.
  • Wash the teapot
  • Brush my teeth the last time
  • Check email one last time
  • Set the alarm
  • Charge phone

Winter Bucket List

  • Build a snowman
  • Take a walk while it’s snowing
  • Go Sledding
  • Feed birds out my window
  • Decorate for Christmas
  • Decorate the tree
  • Knit a blanket
  • Finish PL 2013
  • Drink hot chocolate after a walk in the snow
  • Watch the Winter Olympics
  • Make soup or porridge more often
  • Start a tradition of movienights
  • Try baking in my tiny oven
  • Read three books
  • Knit a sweater
  • Blow Ice bubbles

2014 Travel

2014 Travel plans I don’t have anything set in stone for next year, but I have a lot of maybes. Ever since I returned China I’ve been wanting to travel again. I want to see places I’ve never been before next year.

  • Four days in Paris, I want to see Paris, I almost have this one planned out completely, just need to find someone to travel with. As I don’t really know my calendar next year nothing is set in stone but I think it would be best in the first half of April.
  • I’ve been thinking of Interrailing through Europe in the Summer, but it all depends on whether I decide to continue my studies.
  • My family have plans of going to the Virgin Islands in Fall, but wether I am going also depends on my decision about school.
  • If my Summer and Fall plans fall through I was thinking about going to New York for four or five days.

2014 plans

It’s December and there is less than a month until 2014 arises, I don’t really care for resolutions, but it gives me an excuse for planning. I have so many ideas and projects in mind (thank you Pinterest!). I will share a few with you guys. In this post I will just list the general ideas and throughout December I will write more detailed posts on each of them (and if you are lucky, and my exams don’t stress me out, you will get a bonus post on the subject).

  • 52 new things
  • Memory keeping
  • Travel
  • Goals
  • 12 projects