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It’s early, very early, I think it might be 7 am, I’m still half asleep so I’m not quite sure. Our guide is talking, talking about the history, and the importance of what we’re about to see. I’m not really listening, I’m just standing there, enjoying the silence, remembering the last time I was here. Petra is one of those places that is best when you visit the second time. It’s chilly, I’m letting the cool air caress my face, I know how hot Petra will be later. Jordan 2013 redigeret-1967

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7 movies to choose from (March 2014)

seven movies 0314


March is here and that means it’s time for the second instalment in my blog series.

The goal for this blog series: I will collect a list of 7 current (fairly current, at least) movies. They may not be current in the rest of the world, but I will focus on what is current in Denmark. By the end of each month I must have watched at least 3 of the movies on the list.

It worked really well last month so I’m hoping it will keep me motivated for march as well. In february I watched, American Hustle, August: Osage County and The Wolf of Wall Street. I really wanted to watch Frozen as well, but that will have to wait.

The list for March

Today, I ran

2014-02-24 10.36.07-2

It’s been more than four months since my last run, getting back on the road has been postponed several times. There have been plenty of excuses not to run. But now, now I want to run – again.

It’s almost a year since I started taking my bike to school, to work, well to everywhere pretty much. I must admit that I see that as one of my biggest personal achievements. I would never have imagined, that when given the choice between my bike and public transportation, I would actually choose my bike. And that makes me so proud.  I’m not a better person than anyone else, but I am a happier person, than I were before, I also feel a lot better, both physically and mentally.

Biking is now a very important part of my routine and I’m ready to see if I can make running a part of my life as well.

So back to it, the first run.

My first run was.. easy. I’m prone to injuries, so I’m going to start out very easy. Today was sort of to warn my body, that I’ll start running again. 1 minute run and 3 minute walk in 5 sets with 5 minutes warm-up brisk walk and the same for a cool down. It was very easy. It was relaxing to be back on the road again. The sun was shining, and I exchanged smiles with a man in his 60’s who was out for a run.

Next time will be on Wednesday – 2 minute run and 3 minute walk in 4 sets.

March 2014 Goals

March goals

As I wrote yesterday, I’m moving on to my goals for March. I know I’m not going to work anymore on my February goals and I’m really motivated to start my March goals.

I’m changing things up a bit this month. Last month I made a list of goals from my 101 in 1001 that I wanted to focus on. It worked so well for keeping my motivated, so I want to expand the goal setting beyond 101 in 1001. I want to see if it can keep me focused on other goals as well.

101 in 1001 focus goals

#18 Do push ups every other day – reach 10

#24 Find a new system for my documents

#27 Make my bed every day for 2 weeks

#33 Buy fresh flowers

#60 Plan an emergency kit

#69 Plan out guides for Copenhagen

#71 Clean up internet bookmarks

#82 Watch 1 documentary

#91 Start running again

Other goals

Finish my About me page

Finish my school paper

Write an update for my word of the year

Finish the baby blanket

Find fabric for the floor poof

Catch up on Project Life

101 in 1001 #3: End of February 2014


It’s time for an update. I think I did quite well actually, I finished 7 out of 11 focus goals this period. I had a hard time finding the time for the museum and the recipes. I also found it kind of awkward that I sort of had to plan the act of kindness, so that will have to wait for when the opportunity comes along. I have decided to move on now, I could wait until friday and start my March goals then, but I feel so motivated right now. I’ll post my new goals tomorrow.

#2 Read 1 book

#6 Contact book (read about that here)

#8 Get photos in albums

#16 Visit one museum

#52 Make 2 cookbook recipes

#53 Make 2 pinterest recipes

#68 Try 1 new food (It was technically not a food, but a beverage, but I’ll count it in)

#77 Do 1 random act of kindness

#87 Add 20 things to the list of 500 things I’m grateful for

#95 Cleaning routine (read about that here – Now I just need to stick to it for 1 month)

#99 Make a budget

Cleaning schedule

Cleaning ScheduleMy mom and my grandmother clean all the time, so you would think it’s in my blood. And it kind of is, but I have a hard time remembering when I did what and when it’s time to do it again, so I need a schedule, at least until it becomes more of a routine for me.

I started out by writing down all the tasks that needed to be done, as well as how often I thought I needed to do it. This list depends on the size of your house/flat, your household as well as the amount of time available.

I ended up with four tasks that needed to be done every day, dishes, taking out the trash, clearing the floors and making my bed (I’m hopeless at this one). Two tasks to do each month, clearing out and defrost the freezers and clearing out and cleaning the kitchen cupboards, while the sheets need to be changed twice a month. I set a certain date each month for these tasks to be done.

The rest of the tasks needed to be done once or more times a week. I grouped some tasks together based on practicality, like wiping surfaces of the same day as vacuuming, and only washing the floors on the same day as I had vacuumed. Most days ended up with two or three tasks other than the basic tasks while Sunday only have cleaning the microwave.

I know that to some it sound kind of weird to write down simple tasks like taking out the trash and doing the dishes, but I’m trying to make all of these tasks a routine for me, and it makes it a bit easier for me if everything is written down.

2014-02-16 15.46.19And the list of tasks in english:

  • Dishes (Every day)
  • Clear the floors (Every day)
  • Taking out the trash (Every day)
  • Make bed (Every day)
  • Wipe off surfaces in kitchen (2x week)
  • Wipe off surfaces in bath (2x week)
  • Wipe off surfaces in living room (2x week)
  • Make sure everything is in its place (3x week)
  • Clear out fridge (1x week)
  • Vacuum (2x week)
  • Washing the floors (1x week)
  • Wipe off doors (1x week)
  • Take papers and advertisements out for recycling (1x week)
  • Clean microwave (1x week)
  • Wash the bathroom tiles (1x week)
  • Clear out and clean cupboards (1x month)
  • Changing the sheets (2x month)
  • Clearing out and cleaning freezer (1x month)

Contact Book

Processed with VSCOcam

I found the perfect little notebook to use as a contact book. This type of notebooks usually come with red accents but I found one with light blue accents and I love it. I just added some stickers to the front to personalize it a bit. Right now all I need is a section for birthdays and other important dates, a section for actual contact information (I’ll come back to this) and a section for an alphabetic directory.

2014-02-13 12.10.52The first section is for important dates. I decided that I needed one page for each month. All I did was choose six different washi tapes and added a small strip at the top of each page and wrote the month on top.

20140214-114112.jpgI divided each section with a small piece of washi tape which I wrapped around the page to make a small tap. For the actual contact information I have two contact per page. The information varies a bit but the general design allows for two phone numbers, an address and an email.

20140214-114344.jpgThe last section is the directory. I numbered all the contact pages and will write down the names in back ordered by first name, to make it easier on myself (it also means that I wont have to change it if people get married).

20140214-114437.jpgThat’s it. If there’s something I haven’t covered here feel free to ask in the comments.

I’m so happy that I finished this goal on my 101 in 1001 list.

101 in 1001 #2: February 2014 update

101 in 1001 02

In January I posted about what goal I wanted to focus on until the end of February. There’s still almost three weeks left of February but I thought it was time for a status update.

#2 Read 1 book

  • I’m working on this one as I am currently reading Libba Bray “A Great and Terrible Beauty“. It’s easy to read and doesn’t require too much thinking (I know that that doesn’t sound like a compliment, but right now that’s exactly what I need). I’m 2/3 done, so I expect to finish it by the end of the month.

#6 Contact book

  • I need to find the perfect book for this so I haven’t really made much progress on this goal.

#8 Get photos in albums

  • I got all of my photos into three albums, so now I just need to date all of them and name all of the people in the photos before I forget who they are.

#16 Visit one museum

#52 Make 2 cookbook recipes

  • No progress

#53 Make 2 pinterest recipes

  • No progress

#68 Try 1 new food

  • No progress

#77 Do 1 random act of kindness

  • No progress

#87 Add 20 things to the list of 500 things I’m grateful for

  • I’ve added 14 things so far, it’s proved to be a challenging task.

#95 Cleaning routine

  • I’ve made a routine now I just need to stick to it. I’ll post the routine I came up with next week.

#99 Make a budget

  • This weeks challenge is to create a basic budget.

All in all, I must say that I’m quite pleased with my progress.

Winter Bucket List Update

I’m kind of disappointed with my self about this one, because I still have so many goals to finish, and some of them I can see already now that they wont get finished.

  • Build a snowman
  • Take a walk while it’s snowing (We didn’t get proper snow in Copenhagen until the middle of January, so I don’t know whether I will be able to finish all my “snow-goals”)
  • Go Sledding
  • Feed birds out my window
  • Decorate for Christmas (Not going to happen)
  • Decorate the tree
  • Knit a blanket
  • Finish PL 2013
  • Drink hot chocolate after a walk in the snow
  • Watch the Winter Olympics
  • Make soup or porridge more often
  • Start a tradition of movienights (Starting on Wednesday)
  • Try baking in my tiny oven
  • Read three books (I’ve almost read one, so maybe this is still doable, if I actually take my time)
  • Knit a sweater (Not going to happen)
  • Blow Ice bubbles (It haven’t really been cold enough yet this year)