101 in 1001 #3: End of February 2014


It’s time for an update. I think I did quite well actually, I finished 7 out of 11 focus goals this period. I had a hard time finding the time for the museum and the recipes. I also found it kind of awkward that I sort of had to plan the act of kindness, so that will have to wait for when the opportunity comes along. I have decided to move on now, I could wait until friday and start my March goals then, but I feel so motivated right now. I’ll post my new goals tomorrow.

#2 Read 1 book

#6 Contact book (read about that here)

#8 Get photos in albums

#16 Visit one museum

#52 Make 2 cookbook recipes

#53 Make 2 pinterest recipes

#68 Try 1 new food (It was technically not a food, but a beverage, but I’ll count it in)

#77 Do 1 random act of kindness

#87 Add 20 things to the list of 500 things I’m grateful for

#95 Cleaning routine (read about that here – Now I just need to stick to it for 1 month)

#99 Make a budget


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