Cleaning schedule

Cleaning ScheduleMy mom and my grandmother clean all the time, so you would think it’s in my blood. And it kind of is, but I have a hard time remembering when I did what and when it’s time to do it again, so I need a schedule, at least until it becomes more of a routine for me.

I started out by writing down all the tasks that needed to be done, as well as how often I thought I needed to do it. This list depends on the size of your house/flat, your household as well as the amount of time available.

I ended up with four tasks that needed to be done every day, dishes, taking out the trash, clearing the floors and making my bed (I’m hopeless at this one). Two tasks to do each month, clearing out and defrost the freezers and clearing out and cleaning the kitchen cupboards, while the sheets need to be changed twice a month. I set a certain date each month for these tasks to be done.

The rest of the tasks needed to be done once or more times a week. I grouped some tasks together based on practicality, like wiping surfaces of the same day as vacuuming, and only washing the floors on the same day as I had vacuumed. Most days ended up with two or three tasks other than the basic tasks while Sunday only have cleaning the microwave.

I know that to some it sound kind of weird to write down simple tasks like taking out the trash and doing the dishes, but I’m trying to make all of these tasks a routine for me, and it makes it a bit easier for me if everything is written down.

2014-02-16 15.46.19And the list of tasks in english:

  • Dishes (Every day)
  • Clear the floors (Every day)
  • Taking out the trash (Every day)
  • Make bed (Every day)
  • Wipe off surfaces in kitchen (2x week)
  • Wipe off surfaces in bath (2x week)
  • Wipe off surfaces in living room (2x week)
  • Make sure everything is in its place (3x week)
  • Clear out fridge (1x week)
  • Vacuum (2x week)
  • Washing the floors (1x week)
  • Wipe off doors (1x week)
  • Take papers and advertisements out for recycling (1x week)
  • Clean microwave (1x week)
  • Wash the bathroom tiles (1x week)
  • Clear out and clean cupboards (1x month)
  • Changing the sheets (2x month)
  • Clearing out and cleaning freezer (1x month)

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