7 movies to choose from (February 2014)

7 movies to choose from at All These Plans Blog

My goal is to watch 50 new movies this year. I like re-watching movies, so I’m trying to force myself to watch some current movies. So I’ve decided to start a series to motivate my self each month.

I will collect a list of 7 current (fairly current, at least) movies. They may not be current in the rest of the world, but I will focus on what is current in Denmark. By the end of each month I must have watched at least 3 of the movies on the list.

So here is the list for February.


2 thoughts on “7 movies to choose from (February 2014)

  1. Oh, they are all current. Robocop hasn’t even opened yet. American films generally are released worldwide within a window of a couple of months.

    What I wonder is why 50, and on what basis are you choosing? I don’t like to spend my money unless reviews are good and I actually care about the subject of the film.

    • I chose 50 because I’ll have to watch almost 1 movie per week, for me 50 instead of 52 have sort of the same psychological effect as $9.99 instead of $10, it makes it a bit more approachable.
      I choose movies that I find interesting, I like drama , action, animations and to some extent sci-fi, so that’s what I go for. I like horror as well, but I don’t like seeing them at the movies. Nymphomaniac by Lars von Trier is very much up in the media over here, so that would have been an obvious choise this month, but I don’t like von Trier, so there is no way I’m going to see that. I won’t put anything on the list that I don’t want to see.
      I don’t really care about the reviews that much, but I think it is nice to hear what other people thinks, but generally, I prefer to form my own opinions. I usually watch the trailers and if they look interesting I will look into the actors and the director. That’s usually how I get interested in a movie.

      What I mean by “fairly current” is that if one month I’m not really interested in 7 movies, I might pick one that was released long ago, especially if that movie has come up in conversations and media again recently. Most of the movies I’ve chosen this time haven’t opened in Denmark yet.

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