101 in 1001 #1

101 in 1001 01The idea is to come up with 101 goals to be completed in 1001 days (2.75 days).

I wanted my goals to be “measurable”, so nothing like “be better at this and that”. Most of the goals on my list are like mini challenges, so in order to not get overwhelmed I’m going to pick a few each month to work on.

My deadline is October 14th 2016.

See my complete list here.

Until the end of February I will work on the following goals:

#2 Read 1 book

#6 Contact book

#8 Get photos in albums

#16 Visit one museum

#52 Make 2 cookbook recipes

#53 Make 2 pinterest recipes

#68 Try 1 new food

#77 Do 1 random act of kindness

#87 Add 20 things to the list of 500 things I’m grateful for

#95 Cleaning routine

#99 Make a budget


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