Lately I’ve been a scatterbrain

I’m one of those persons that always appear prepared for pretty much everything. I never show up late, my calendar is always updated and I pay close attention to detail.

But, lately I’ve found that I’ve become much more of a scatterbrain and I hate that (I don’t hate everyone who is scatterbrained, it’s just not how I see my self).

I’ve spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out what is different, and I think I come to a conclusion. In the past few months I haven’t used my calendar as much and I’ve also stopped putting Important documents into their folders, so I need to go back to doing that. I wasn’t completely satisfied with neither my calendar nor my filing system before so I think this is a good excuse to revisit both and try to find something that suits me better.

I will post my progress as the projects move along.


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