Project Life 2014: weeks 1 and 2 + plans for 2014

General thoughts:

I’m currently single, with no children, and I don’t have a lot going on. But I’ve been thinking about what would be interesting to look back at in 10 or 20 years, and I thought that now I have the time to document what life is like in Denmark in 2014. I can document what’s on tv, what foods are in, what cars look like, and so on, all the things I probably won’t have time to document later on in my life.Project Life 2014 spread 01


I’m changing things up this year, so I will try a 6×8 format. I somehow find this format easier to handle, and it requires less space. I didn’t have a hard time filling in the pockets in 2013 but I couldn’t really get the look I wanted. I’m a very visual person in all aspects of life, so while it might not be important to everybody, I prefer my PL to be aesthetically pleasing (at least to some extent).Project Life 2014 spread 02

Time frame:

I’m not set on doing one or two pages per week, I’ll just fill in the pages as I go. I usually have more photos from the weekend than workdays, and the amount of photos is really dependent on what’s going on in my life.Project Life 2014 spread 03Photos:

One of my goals this year is to use my DSLR more, so I’ll try to include less iPhone photos in my PL this year.

For the beginning of the year, I’m going back to printing my photos at home. It’s just more convenient, and it allows me to sit down whenever I feel like it and fill in my pockets.Project Life 2014 spread 04


This year my focus will be on journaling and photos. I’ll include memorabilia as well but not as much as I did last year, I’ll try to focus on the stories.


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