2014 Goals and Resolutions

So at the beginning of my Filofax I have a list of goals I want to reach in the new year. I keep the list here in order to stay focused.

The goals are pretty much the same as in my 2014 Plan post.

  • Finish 12 projects
  • Preserve 12 different foods
  • Watch 50 new movies
  • Bike 3000 km
  • Walk 750 km
  • 52 new things (not including movies)
  • Bake 12 new cakes

Apart from this list of goals I also have a little “pep talk” in the front. It’s focused around one word “forward” which, so far, is my word of the year, I’m not sure it’s going to stick for the entire year, but for now it seems appropriate, I might explain why I chose that word in another blog post.

I’m not going to share the exact wording with you (it’s in Danish and it would probably take me quite a while to translate it, to give off the same meaning), but it’s basically a reminder to let go, to take advantage of all the wonderful opportunities and challenges I’m going to meet in 2014.


One thought on “2014 Goals and Resolutions

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