Update on my 24 things

  1. Bake a tiered cake for my birthday
  2. Travel to Jordan
  3. Travel to China
  4. Visit 3 museums
  5. Find an internship
  6. Move into a larger apartment
  7. Read 3 novels
  8. Take more photos with my camera not my phone
  9. Walk 500 km
  10. Bike 1000 km Changing this to 3000 km
  11. Keep up with my memorykeeping
  12. Make new friends
  13. Donate money to a charity of my choosing every month
  14. Make a playlist for every month with 20-30 songs
  15. Take a weekend break
  16. Donate blood (I might not make this one, as I have to wait 6 months after leaving China)
  17. Start taking photographs again
  18. Watch 120 movies
  19. Watch 240 episodes
  20. Spend one day watching movies (at least 12 hours)

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