(Late) Soundtrack of the week(end): week 25

Kim Cesarion “Undressed”


24 things I will do in year 24:

Well it’s only 20 so far, I’m leaving a little room for new ideas (read: I couldn’t come up with more).

  1. Bake a tiered cake for my birthday
  2. Travel to Jordan
  3. Travel to China
  4. Visit 3 museums
  5. Find an internship
  6. Move into a larger apartment
  7. Read 3 novels
  8. Take more photos with my camera not my phone
  9. Walk 500 kms.
  10. Bike 1000 kms.
  11. Keep up with my memorykeeping
  12. Make new friends
  13. Donate money to a charity of my choosing every month
  14. Make a playlist for every month with 20-30 songs
  15. Take a weekend break
  16. Donate blood
  17. Start taking photographs again
  18. Watch 120 movies
  19. Watch 240 episodes
  20. Spend one day watching movies (at least 12 hours)

Weekend Party #2 (a.k.a. Link of the week)


I’ve been incredibly busy these last two weeks and I will be next week too. My exam is on Wednesday, I have work on Thursday and I leave for NorthSide Friday morning (I’m coming back Monday evening). But then – then I’m free (I still have to work but it’s only 20 hours a week). I will return, I will have time to write blog posts and read up on all the amazing blogs I follow.

But for now I only have one link this week, but it is an important one πŸ™‚2013-06-05 09.17.08-2

The Sun is both my friend and my enemy, so sunscreen is my protector. Look at these guide lines/rules for sunscreens.

Summer plans

Summer plans

  1. NorthSide – June 14th to June 16th
  2. Cook something new at least once a week
  3. Jordan – July 13th to July 20th
  4. Go to the beach at least once
  5. Take plenty of photographs
  6. Read a novel
  7. Weekend getaway or Ringsted festival
  8. Send postcards to at least five people
  9. Water fight (if it’s warm enough)
  10. Put all photos in an album (or ten)
  11. Visit Mormor og Bedste (Grandparents)
  12. Look into rearranging my apartment
  13. Go hiking in Sweden (Kullen) with Mom
  14. Swim in a lake
  15. Bake a tiered cake
  16. Look into climbing
  17. Take photos of my city (make a small guide)
  18. Keep blogging
  19. Ride my bike
  20. Sit in the sun with my friends
  21. Ride a scary rollercoaster
  22. Watch 20 movies (keeping track here)
  23. Spend one day watching movies (at least 12 hours)