10 Favorite TV shows

I’ve always loved television and I’m convinced I always will.

My taste has changed quite a bit over the years, I used to be in to sit-coms and crime, I still love a good “who-dunnit” but I have shifted from comedy to drama (mostly period) and sci-fi/fantasy. I’ve compiled a list of my 10 favourite still running shows. I will also see if I  can recommend a few concluded shows that are similar.

1. Criminal Minds (2005)

I’ve been a fan since season 1 and I still love it. I wanted to become a prison psychologist once, so I think it’s part of the fascination, to understand how the mind of an “unsub” works.

2. Game of Thrones (2011)

Death, sex, power, direwolfs and dragons. Nothing more needs to be said.

3. Downton Abbey (2010)

Early twentieth century style, and plenty of drama.

4. Once Upon a Time (2011)

Who doesn’t dream about being a princess (and freaking hero).

5. Pretty Little Liars (2010)

Guilty pleasure #1 – a teen show, with a grownup following. Mystery and love.

6. The Big Bang Theory (2007)

I love this show, but I hope we reach the final season before it is “too late” (it might already be so)

7. New Girl (2011)

Zooey Deschanel, how can anyone dislike her? I’m not nearly as quirky as her, but I still recognize myself in her character.

8. Hawaii Five-0 (2010)

Beautiful scenery, hansome men and awesome women, nothing more is needed.

9. American Horror Story (2011)

I love horror and suspense movies and I love AHS.

10. Grey’s Anatomy (2005)

I’ve watched it for so long, I no longer know why, I just want to know what happens to Meredith and Derek and Christina and Alex and..

And the bonus

Sherlock (2010)

He is british, he is clever and he is quirky.


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