10 Favorite TV shows

I’ve always loved television and I’m convinced I always will.

My taste has changed quite a bit over the years, I used to be in to sit-coms and crime, I still love a good “who-dunnit” but I have shifted from comedy to drama (mostly period) and sci-fi/fantasy. I’ve compiled a list of my 10 favourite still running shows. I will also see if I  can recommend a few concluded shows that are similar.

1. Criminal Minds (2005)

I’ve been a fan since season 1 and I still love it. I wanted to become a prison psychologist once, so I think it’s part of the fascination, to understand how the mind of an “unsub” works.

2. Game of Thrones (2011)

Death, sex, power, direwolfs and dragons. Nothing more needs to be said.

3. Downton Abbey (2010)

Early twentieth century style, and plenty of drama.

4. Once Upon a Time (2011)

Who doesn’t dream about being a princess (and freaking hero).

5. Pretty Little Liars (2010)

Guilty pleasure #1 – a teen show, with a grownup following. Mystery and love.

6. The Big Bang Theory (2007)

I love this show, but I hope we reach the final season before it is “too late” (it might already be so)

7. New Girl (2011)

Zooey Deschanel, how can anyone dislike her? I’m not nearly as quirky as her, but I still recognize myself in her character.

8. Hawaii Five-0 (2010)

Beautiful scenery, hansome men and awesome women, nothing more is needed.

9. American Horror Story (2011)

I love horror and suspense movies and I love AHS.

10. Grey’s Anatomy (2005)

I’ve watched it for so long, I no longer know why, I just want to know what happens to Meredith and Derek and Christina and Alex and..

And the bonus

Sherlock (2010)

He is british, he is clever and he is quirky.


Beyonce – Forum 27.05.2013

It was..

2013-05-27 22.16.59


We were warm, we were squeezed, we were dancing and singing, we were happy. And we still are.

I don’t know where some of the reviewers were, but I think the sound was good, not amazing, but does it really matter when you know all the songs by heart? No one goes to a concert if they don’t LOVE the artist(s). And if you don’t like costume changes maybe you should just attend a piano recital instead.

One thing that did annoy me (and it always does) was the 20-25 minute break between the Luke James and Beyoncé, the mood dropped and people pushed closer to the stage (psycho-bitch who thought it was okay to walk right into me and keep pushing, and then thought I was crazy when I turned around and pushed back and asked her to stop it, she could have started a panic or pushed me over with that selfish behavior – I usually don’t call anyone bitch, but if you try to kill me, I will.. You should have bought golden circle tickets if you wanted to get close). I hate that period between artists.

But I loved the show, so much energy and life. Worth every penny!

Beyoncé is so beautiful, and she handled an idiot who thought it was okay to clap her in the ass very professionally (he was then escorted out of the building).

5 little facts about me

I haven’t made an about me page yet (it’s on my to-do list), so I wanted to share a few facts about myself.

  1. I’m blonde and I always have been, I’ve never coloured my hair, but I’ve considered it numerous times.
  2. Everyone thinks I am extremely organised, but they haven’t seen my apartment. Yes, my notes and bag and everything else is organised, but my apartment is a mess. It is an everlasting project to keep a path free on the floor.
  3. I don’t ever wear geometrical patterns, but a lot of animal print and flowers.
  4. I have an iPhone with a pink cover.
  5. I have a passion for landscape and nature photography. It’s been pushed aside lately, but I hope I can find time for it again soon.

5 little facts about me

Future blog posts

Future blog posts

I promised you a list of possible blogposts so here we go:

  • My plans for this Summer (This is just an idea, I haven’t even written notes for this one yet)
  • 10 favourite tv shows (I have a rough draft ready)
  • What to do in Copenhagen (Another idea)
  • 24 things to do at 24 (already planned for my birthday on June 20th)
  • How I will create my “about me” page (Researching for this one)
  • My thoughts on travelling solo (I have a few notes on this)
  • A typical day in my life (Taken from Story of My Life’s “Blog every day in may challenge“)

I have a lot more ideas, but not all can be explained in just a few words.


A short introduction

My name is Heidi, I’m 23 and I live in Copenhagen.

I’m currently a student and if all goes well I’ll be ready for “real” life next summer.

This blog is for a little of everything, but mainly plans/ideas and lists. I’ve had a ton of blogs since I was 15, but none of them really kept my interest for too long. I think it was mostly because I had a few blogs at a time, I’m not gonna make that mistake again, so I will be concentrating on this blog, which also means that I will post everything that is relevant to my life (luckily my life is 40% lists, 30% ideas, 15% daydreaming and 15% fun).

I recently tried finding my first blog ever, and to give you an idea of how many blogs I’ve been through I got this email back from Xanga when I requested my username.

Yes that’s right, 17 different blogs!

Most only contain a couple of posts but still, from the age of 15 to the age of 18 I had 17 different blogs on Xanga alone.

I will post a list of a few blog ideas and hopefully a disclaimer/rules/”letter of intent” sometime this weekend.

All the best,